Paragraph of the week #4

For paragraph of the week #4, We had to write about what lifts my spirits up

here is my paragraph:

When I am having a bad day hanging out with friends lifts my spirits up. Going to the mall with them or hanging out at their house lifts my spirits when I’m sad. When I lay down in bed my spirits are low but when I get up and be productive it helps me. But sometimes when I am having a rough week I like to come home, grab a warm drink, and lie down in my cozy bed. Either I am productive or I am lazy and just want to come home and sleep.

Paragraph of the week #3

Last week I missed the paragraph of the week. So here is my paragraph of the weeks from last week. Last week’s paragraph was about what makes me happy.

Here is the paragraph:

Many things make me happy but the one thing that makes me the happiest is hanging out with my mom. I and my mom have a really strong connection, when we hang out sometimes we go shopping, cook together,  or listen to music together. These things help me lift my spirits when I’m down. I also like hanging out with my dad. Sometimes we drive together and sing along to our favourite songs and sometimes he cooks me my favourite meals. Both of my parents make me the happiest person in the world. And when I’m down they are the first people I go to.

Paragraph of the week #2

Here is another paragraph of the week. The theme for this one was what book/movie or TV show has had a significant impact on you. So I chose the movie Hachi

Here is my paragraph:

There are many sad movies, but one movie that taught me a very important lesson was the movie “Hachi”. Hachi is about a man who found a dog lying on the street of a train station, This dog had nowhere to go so the man took him in. His name is Hachi. Hachi would go with the man to leave for work. Every single day Hachi would wait for the man to come back from work. Sadly, one day the man died. But every single day Hachi would still wait for the man at the train station. This movie taught me about love and loyalty and that this dog is probably the most loyal dog I have ever seen. This movie has taught me to be loyal to anyone who treats me with love and respect

Paragraph of the week

Every week we have a paragraph we need to write. For this week we had to write about what makes a good quality in a friend. I wrote about trust.

here is my paragraph:

As a person who makes friends easily Id like my friends to have good qualities. My favourite quality that makes an admirable friend is being trustworthy. Them being trustworthy means you can trust them with your secrets that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with others. You can rely on them easily with your problems and they can help you. Being trustworthy means even if they tell you something personal you should not laugh or mock, you should respect them. If they trust you with a secret it has to stay between the 2 of you. “Trust is like love. It can’t be seen, but its value is immeasurable.” That means trust is so powerful that even if you can’t see it, it is so important.

my winter break

Here I wrote a little summary of what I did over my winter break. I also drew a picture for you to imagine how my winter break would look.  here is what I wrote:

My winter break was different than all my usual winter breaks, usually, on winter breaks I go on vacation but, because of covid-19 I could not, I really miss vacations a lot. The most exciting thing I got on the winter break was my pc, my pc is for gaming and I really like it because now I can play with friends. I didn’t have much to do on the winter break but play video games, but I did finish reading my book. My favourite movie I watched over winter break were detective movies but I could not remember the name. I imagined I would be looking at a wall for the whole day really, but, I actually got to do a lot. My brother was in costa Rica with my cousins while I was at home I was as jealous as my parents that had to stay home.


Some goals I have for 2021 is to listen and be more creative. When I say the listen to part I mean for class because I get distracted but, when I say the creative part I mean art and finding different styles of art. The winter break finished quickly when covid started to get worse, Lockdown started to start and grocery stores started to fill, it was like waiting for a ride in Disney luckily, we didn’t go. The winter break is what I call the most boring winter break I’ve ever had. BAM the winter break ended so quickly that I didn’t get time to get enough time to myself

here is the pricture:

Egghead project

For the “Egghead” book I rate it 10/10 actually because I liked the way the characters were developed. And I liked that the author supported no bullying and she spread awareness about bullying prevention.  My artifact was a character analysis. I chose it because I wanted to show everyone the character development with 2 characters from the book. “Only trash would hurt a girl…right?”.  ”We never had these problems last year. Jenna and I were best friends. And Will was just….Will”. I chose these 2 quotes because they showed each of the character’s personalities and other people’s perspectives of what they thought about them.  I think that if I were to go through the process again of making the project I would definitely spend a lot more time on the drawings and make them more detailed, but other than that I really do like my project!

Click here to see my character analysis descriptions.

Here is a picture of Devan and Will. These were the two characters I selected for my project.

Procedural writing in language arts :)

In English class we are doing procedural writing. Procedural writing is when you describe the procedure. So what I did is how to make your bed I tried to make it as detailed as possible. Some other examples that my classmates did was, how to make a cute care package, how to braid hair etc. and I thought this was a really fun activity. Here is a picture of what I did please give any feedback.

“Be the quote” :)

In my class every Monday, we do be the quote. Be the quote is when our teacher gives us a quote and we write about it. So for this blog post, I’m going to be telling you one of my favourite quotes that we’ve done. the quote is “When given the choice of being right and being kind, choose kind.”  This quote was by R.J Palacio from the book wonder. Here is an example of what the quote means: one day a class was baking in the kitchen and everyone had a group to make cookies. The first group was in the middle of putting their cookies in the oven but the second group dropped all there cookies on the floor. So the 1 group didn’t really want to help them because they wanted to get the contest over with. But they chose kind and helped the other group. If they would’ve not helped them they wouldn’t have been good leaders and  that’s why they chose kind.