What type of learner am I?

Everyone has a type of way they like to learn, some are Visual Learners, some are Auditory Learners, and some are Tactile or Kinesthetic learners. What all these ways of learning have in common is that they help people. In class, we had to take a quiz to see what type of learning styles benefit me.

All these types of learning styles are convenient to me in different ways, but overall, visual learning helps me the most. When learning I always have to look at what the teacher is teaching, if I don’t, I won’t pick it up. Or when studying I have to write it down to memorize it. When I look at things visually it benefits me in many ways. The second strongest learning style I work best with is Tactile or Kinesthetic learners. When studying I have to be moving in some way, like when studying, chewing gum helps me focus a lot more, Or tapping my leg on the ground is the characteristic most Tactile or Kinesthetic learners have. Lastly, Auditory Learners. When reading books I have to read aloud,  because when reading in my head I can get sidetracked. Each learning style helps me in so many ways, and I think every person has some characteristics from each learning style.