Equity and equality

Hello, For this project I wrote about equity and equality. 1. the differences, 2. examples 3. explaining this drawing.  I decided to take a break from screen time and draw an example of equity and equality. Something that I learned was actually that they can be the same thing instead of different.

Here is the writing:

Équité: Dans mon dessin il y a un exemple d’équité, et cet exemple est qu’une fille qui est courte et une fille qui est grande. Il y a des différentes tailles d’échelle pour les hauteurs. Donc elles peuvent atteindre les échelles.

Equality: equality is when everyone gets the same thing, so in my drawing, they each have the same size ladder but, because someone is shorter only one person can reach the tree.

Similarities: They are similar because equity can also mean giving the same thing because they are both about helping people.

Differences: ils sont différent parce que equite c’est donner à quelqu’un ce dont il a besoin,
Est égalité est donnat la meme chose.

3 Examples
Both a man and women can vote and that represents equality
Each person needs shelter, if they can’t afford a home they sometimes go to a homeless shelter that can provide for them and that represents equityx


here is the photo:

4 thoughts on “Equity and equality

  1. yossir

    Hi Shylee I really liked the drawings on the poster and think the example was great i would never have thought to use that as an example it was great.

  2. joeysh1

    Great post! I understood the writing very clearly and you are such a talented artist. What was your favourite part about this unit?

  3. JoeySm

    Hi Shylee! I loved your drawing and loved how you did something different from everyone else the drawing looks amazing! You did a great job, well done Shylee.


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