Paragraph of the week #2

Here is another paragraph of the week. The theme for this one was what book/movie or TV show has had a significant impact on you. So I chose the movie Hachi

Here is my paragraph:

There are many sad movies, but one movie that taught me a very important lesson was the movie “Hachi”. Hachi is about a man who found a dog lying on the street of a train station, This dog had nowhere to go so the man took him in. His name is Hachi. Hachi would go with the man to leave for work. Every single day Hachi would wait for the man to come back from work. Sadly, one day the man died. But every single day Hachi would still wait for the man at the train station. This movie taught me about love and loyalty and that this dog is probably the most loyal dog I have ever seen. This movie has taught me to be loyal to anyone who treats me with love and respect

Paragraph of the week

Every week we have a paragraph we need to write. For this week we had to write about what makes a good quality in a friend. I wrote about trust.

here is my paragraph:

As a person who makes friends easily Id like my friends to have good qualities. My favourite quality that makes an admirable friend is being trustworthy. Them being trustworthy means you can trust them with your secrets that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with others. You can rely on them easily with your problems and they can help you. Being trustworthy means even if they tell you something personal you should not laugh or mock, you should respect them. If they trust you with a secret it has to stay between the 2 of you. “Trust is like love. It can’t be seen, but its value is immeasurable.” That means trust is so powerful that even if you can’t see it, it is so important.