Middle school retreat

Last week the whole middle school had a retreat. On that retreat, we went on trips like white water rafting and an obstacle course.  The theme of the middle school retreat was rebuilding the community. We did many activities because of that theme.  For one of the activities they split the middle school into 2 communities, hokie and pokie (2 groups), When we got into our communities we each had to change our personality to match our community, hokie was the quiet and introverted group and pokie is a very outgoing and extroverted group. The activity was we each had to interact with the opposite community, and it was very hard to do! My favourite part of the retreat was the obstacle course. The obstacle was very fun and a bit difficult.

Here is a picture from the middle school retreat:

my winter break

Here I wrote a little summary of what I did over my winter break. I also drew a picture for you to imagine how my winter break would look.  here is what I wrote:

My winter break was different than all my usual winter breaks, usually, on winter breaks I go on vacation but, because of covid-19 I could not, I really miss vacations a lot. The most exciting thing I got on the winter break was my pc, my pc is for gaming and I really like it because now I can play with friends. I didn’t have much to do on the winter break but play video games, but I did finish reading my book. My favourite movie I watched over winter break were detective movies but I could not remember the name. I imagined I would be looking at a wall for the whole day really, but, I actually got to do a lot. My brother was in costa Rica with my cousins while I was at home I was as jealous as my parents that had to stay home.


Some goals I have for 2021 is to listen and be more creative. When I say the listen to part I mean for class because I get distracted but, when I say the creative part I mean art and finding different styles of art. The winter break finished quickly when covid started to get worse, Lockdown started to start and grocery stores started to fill, it was like waiting for a ride in Disney luckily, we didn’t go. The winter break is what I call the most boring winter break I’ve ever had. BAM the winter break ended so quickly that I didn’t get time to get enough time to myself

here is the pricture:

Equity and equality

Hello, For this project I wrote about equity and equality. 1. the differences, 2. examples 3. explaining this drawing.  I decided to take a break from screen time and draw an example of equity and equality. Something that I learned was actually that they can be the same thing instead of different.

Here is the writing:

Équité: Dans mon dessin il y a un exemple d’équité, et cet exemple est qu’une fille qui est courte et une fille qui est grande. Il y a des différentes tailles d’échelle pour les hauteurs. Donc elles peuvent atteindre les échelles.

Equality: equality is when everyone gets the same thing, so in my drawing, they each have the same size ladder but, because someone is shorter only one person can reach the tree.

Similarities: They are similar because equity can also mean giving the same thing because they are both about helping people.

Differences: ils sont différent parce que equite c’est donner à quelqu’un ce dont il a besoin,
Est égalité est donnat la meme chose.

3 Examples
Both a man and women can vote and that represents equality
Each person needs shelter, if they can’t afford a home they sometimes go to a homeless shelter that can provide for them and that represents equityx


here is the photo:

Science four forces of flight

This assignment that I did was making a paper airplane and a video about it. I created a rocket that could try and fly far. I was trying to learn how to make tricks with my rockets and use much more thrust. I learned that if you try harder and harder you will end up with something amazing.