“Be the quote” :)

In my class every Monday, we do be the quote. Be the quote is when our teacher gives us a quote and we write about it. So for this blog post, I’m going to be telling you one of my favourite quotes that we’ve done. the quote is “When given the choice of being right and being kind, choose kind.”  This quote was by R.J Palacio from the book wonder. Here is an example of what the quote means: one day a class was baking in the kitchen and everyone had a group to make cookies. The first group was in the middle of putting their cookies in the oven but the second group dropped all there cookies on the floor. So the 1 group didn’t really want to help them because they wanted to get the contest over with. But they chose kind and helped the other group. If they would’ve not helped them they wouldn’t have been good leaders and  that’s why they chose kind.



2 thoughts on ““Be the quote” :)

  1. Great post Shylee! You are one of the more prolific (you do it often and well) bloggers in your class, which is great. I think you are ready for a pro tip – I think you are ready to start properly categorizing your posts by topic. It will help keep you organized and help your readers find posts they might be interested in. You also do a great job of including pictures…you might want to mix in a video every now and again as well.

    As to this post…

    I love the idea of starting off each week by “being the quote”. Why do you think Mrs. Thompson does this activity? Do you think it has any impact on your class? On you?

    Keep on blogging Shylee!


  2. shyleem

    Thank you for commenting on my blog Doc. I really think it changes on how my class thinks about school life. If I didn’t have “be the quote” in my life I wouldn’t learn the importance of leaving out others.

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