Drawing of a idiom :)

The idiom I chose was a bookworm. I chose a book worm because its a really popular idiom, even tho I’m not such a book worm I really like this idiom. For the book, I chose my favourite colour. and I don’t know if you can see there are little glasses that I thought were really cute.  The idiom bookworm figurative meaning is when someone just only reads, like in their free time they read, it’s like they only read.

Cat 4 :)

Today I’m going to be writing about cat 4.Cat 4 is a 3-day test that does not count on your grade. it’s a test to see how much your teachers are teaching you. In cat 4 you have to complete 5 subjects, English, Mathematics, Reading, Spelling, and something else that I don’t remember what it is called.  personally, I don’t like cat 4 but some people in my class like it.