Innovation day :)

Hello readers! in this blog post, I will be talking about Innovation day. Innovation day is a day about science. Everyone in the school does something about science, so me and my partner did a project about a Bionic Eye. For our model, we didn’t actually make an Eye that moves we got a globe and we took the plastic wrapping off of it and then we drew an eye on the globe and it turned out really well!.  Then we made our board, on our board we decided to do everything blue and green because they are colours of eyes, we could’ve done brown but we thought it didn’t look as pretty for our board. In the end the presentation turned out amazing and it was a great experience for us.

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  1. It was a great project Shylee! Thank you for sharing what you did for your project. What was the coolest thing you learned about a bionic eye? Is there anything you would do differently, or continue learning about next time?

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